Lifefactory Baby Bottles and How to Use Them With The Baby’s Brew

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Something I noticed so keenly when I became a parent was how the principles I had shaped my life around mattered ten-fold once I had a baby. For example, creating a healthy lifestyle was important for me on an individual level before I was a mom. But after I had a baby, I became much more aware of what “healthy” really meant. I vowed to make informed choices for my family – ones that would keep us healthy now and in the long run. 


Lifefactory is different from the baby bottle brands we are used to seeing. They create “cradle to table” products the entire family can use. Built on a platform that creating a healthy, clean environment for years to come takes action, they are determined to stop the use of single-use products. Their baby bottles are one such product.


Using Lifefactory bottles along with The Baby’s Brew portable warming system is sure to create a healthy and environmentally friendly feeding choice for your baby.


What makes Lifefactory bottles unique and a healthy alternative to other baby bottles? 


So, when I say that I made healthy choices before I was a mom, it was a lot more self-centered. When you have children, you realize the importance of your actions and how they affect not just your offspring, but everyone. Lifefactory creates sustainable, built-to-last products which will keep our world a healthy place to live long after we’re gone. 

lifefactory bottle

This is a reason so many moms and dads choose Lifefactory glass bottles for their babies. Glass is one of the greenest materials on the planet, is 100% recyclable and will never leach harmful chemicals into your baby’s milk. The bottles are also protected by a silicone sleeve, so you never have to worry about your baby’s bottle breaking, either. Not to mention they’re cute and they match everyone else’s cups and bottles, too!


The health and environmental benefits of these bottles are probably their most appealing features. But there are many other characteristics that set this bottle apart – making it a popular choice for parents:


  • Look great. Being made of glass, Lifefactory bottles continue to look new even after years of use. Plastic baby bottles often get scratched, yellow, or have a filmy look.
  • Easy to put together. With few parts to worry about, these bottles fit together in a snap.
  • Easy to clean. Life Factory bottles are dishwasher safe which makes them easier to clean than most other bottles. There are also no extra anti-colic parts to have to take out and clean separately.
  • These bottles are tough. They can go from freezing to boiling temperatures without breaking. And the added silicone sleeve keeps it from breaking if it gets dropped.
  • Ready for every stage. The same bottle can be used as your baby grows. By simply changing the stage of nipple (they come in 3 stages or “Y-cut”) or using a sippy cup lid, the bottle can be used from infancy through toddlerhood.
  • All products are USA or European made.


Lifefactory bottles are an excellent choice for health-conscious parents who want to make environmentally friendly choices as well. Since these bottles are so sturdy and stay looking nice year after year, they are the perfect hand-me-down for siblings and friends. 


One question asked on Lifefactory’s website is whether or not the bottles can be microwaved. Unlike their adult bottles, it is “safe” to microwave the bottle and silicone sleeve without the top or nipple attached. However, the research shows that microwaving a baby’s milk can be harmful for the following two reasons: 1) microwaving milk creates hot spots which can be dangerous for your baby, and 2) microwaving destroys the quality nutrients in formula and breastmilk that your baby needs.


But there is a simple solution to this by using the Baby’s Brew to warm your baby’s milk. 


Warming Lifefactory Baby Bottles with the Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer Pro
Clearly the microwave is not a safe and healthy warming option for baby bottles. But we all know that most babies prefer warm milk. But it doesn’t matter if you’re at home or not, your baby expects their milk at the perfect temperature ready to go when they are hungry. As much as we’d all love a flexible baby who can just drink cold milk on the go…that’s just not realistic! Your baby has preferences just like you do. 

So, what’s a parent to do when they have people to see, errands to run…but with a hungry baby in tow?

Luckily the Baby’s Brew, the first and only battery-powered portable bottle warmer, can now be used with almost every baby bottle available. Its even been recently updated to meet parents' and babies' needs even more.

Like the Lifefactory baby bottles, it looks great, is easy to use, and will last as your baby grows. Plus, its innovative design allows yo to warm milk to 4 different desired temperatures (depending on what your baby likes) without creating any hot spots. The two lowest temperatures are perfect for preserving the precious nutrients in breastmilk.

To use the Baby’s Brew with Lifefactory baby bottles, you’ll just need the added adapter designed specifically for use with Lifefactory. You can choose from two options: warmer only or warmer + detachable formula dispenser set.

The steps are as easy as “twist, press, and shake.” Be sure to prep your bottle before your baby is ready for her meal. In about 5-10 minutes, your baby will have perfectly warmed milk making for an easy, enjoyable, and healthy feeding experience.



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