Ideas for Celebrating Veterans Day with Kids

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If you have served our country, THANK YOU for your service! Here at The Baby’s Brew, we understand first hand the challenges and sacrifices made by our military members. As a small business comprised of all military spouses and military family members, we love our vets!! So please take a moment on this holiday to talk to your kids about the importance of the people who have served in our military and say a thank you to a vet!

Veterans Day can come with many questions from children. They may not understand what the holiday is all about, but by teaching our children about what it means to serve our country and showing gratitude, it can help to instill patriotism in them while they are young. It’s important to show them how to honor and respect veterans and to discuss the reasons that we have the freedoms that we have in the USA are because of the sacrifices they have made. 

Regardless of how you may feel about specific wars or government leadership, the fact is that there are millions of men and women who have served our country with honor and bravery. Talk to your kids about what it means to be brave.  

What is Veterans Day? 

Veterans Day falls on November 11th every year in the United States. It is a federal holiday which means that most schools are closed for the day! Veteran’s Day is a day to honor all of the brave American veterans who have served honorably in the military. Originally the holiday was created to mark the end of World War I and was named Veterans Day in 1954 to honor all American veterans of all wars.  

What activities can you do with kids to honor veterans?

Make a “Thank You” card: No better way for kids to say thank you than making a card. Talk to your kids about Veterans and what they have done for our country and have them make a card for a family member or friend who has served in the military. If you don’t know any veterans, there are many local organizations that can display your card or help connect you with a veteran in need. 

Read a book: Check out your local library for books about Veterans Day. You can also look into children's books about military families and what it means to support a veteran. If you can’t get to a library, check out youtube for many educational videos about Veterans Day.

Bake some cookies for a veteran: Who doesn’t like homemade baked goods?! Baking has some great lessons in it with measurements and science, but it’s also a nice way to show gratitude. Decorating baked goods with red, white and blue can be a fun activity too!

Raise money and donate to a local VA: You can use Veterans Day as an opportunity to organize a fundraiser for your local Veterans Administration Office. If you have any leftover Halloween candy, the VA is a great place to donate that to also! 

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Written by: Kristen Bickel

Kristen is a mom of 4 and an employee at The Baby’s Brew.

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