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The Beginning Of The Baby’s Brew 

The Beginning Of The Baby’s Brew

The Baby’s Brew was created on an idea from very frustrated parents. My husband and I are active and travel often. Once our daughter was born I quickly came to the realization that traveling with an infant was extremely difficult.

One of the biggest struggles we had was our daughter refused to drink anything that was not warm. Trying to find warm water when out and about didn’t seem like that difficult of a task, until we tried to. If we did find someone who could warm water up for us it would always take forever or be scalding hot from the coffee machine. When you have a crying baby time is of the essence.

So we went out on a search to find something that was small portable and battery powered so we didn’t get tied down to the cord. Well after hours of searching we came to the realization that this did not exist. Frustrated we were always concerned when going out and honestly missed out on a lot of things just because we were scared we wouldn’t be able to find warm water near us.

Fast forward to today, we have poured our heart and soul into The Baby’s Brew. Not only does it heat water it doubles as formula storage as well. No more measuring out formula before leaving the house and no more wasting formula!

The Baby’s Brew is the First Ever battery powered bottle warmer. Since every baby is different we made our bottle warmer adjust to their needs. You have the option of 4 different temperatures 80F, 98F, 103F, or my daughter's favorite temp 110F. You can warm up water on the go or maintain the temperature for up to 8-10 hours. Perfect when going on hikes or just exploring downtown!

So don’t be tied down by the cord get The Baby’s Brew and get outside!


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