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We know you look forward to eating and so does your baby! Even though your little one's meals won't vary until they start eating solids, you want to give them a comfortable and stress-free feeding experience. Finding the right bottle can really make a difference in helping each feeding session go smoothly. With over 50 years designing high-quality products scientifically-proven to help babies grow and thrive, NUK is a brand that many parents trust. Today we're talking about their baby bottles and how you can create the perfect feeding experience for your little with NUK and the battery-powered bottle warmer from the Baby's Brew.

Finding Which NUK Bottle is Best for Your Baby

Nuk offers two different types of bottles to best meet your baby's needs. They know that not all babies are the same, so whether your baby is breastfed or formula-fed, is a powerful eater or likes to take their time, Nuk has taken the time to create innovative products to cater to all the little ones out ready to curl up with a bottle. They've even created a bottle design well-suited for babies who may be experiencing symptoms of colic such as digestion discomfort.

Though it's not a necessity to have cute patterns on baby bottles, this is a bonus feature we love. All of the darling prints to choose from just make for one more reason to love NUK bottles.

Simply Natural

Simply Natural bottles were carefully designed to mimic a real breastfeeding experience. For any baby transitioning from the breast to a bottle (or going back and forth), it's important to find a bottle similar to a real breast in order to avoid nipple confusion.

One of the reasons the NUK Simply Natural bottle made our list of the Best Baby Bottles for Newborns is because of how similar its nipple is to a real breast. The multiple nipple holes (between 5 - 9 depending on the flow the nipple choice) means the milk flow will be "just like mom." Additionally, the Simply Natural bottle has these additional features to make it more like breastfeeding:

  • softer nipple than ever before
  • takes on a similar shape to a real breast as baby feeds
  • scooped nipple cavity gives space for baby's tongue and jaw to move as naturally as possible
  • flexible nipple makes it possible for baby to have a continuous latch

In fact, according to independent market research conducted in Germany, 96% of babies accepted the NUK Simply Natural bottle. Additional information to know:

  • boasts a 1-Piece Anti-Colic Air system to help reduce gas and spit-up
  • choose between 5-ounce and 9-ounce 
  • odor and stain-resistant as a well as a glass option available
  • few parts make for easy assemble and clean up

It's clear that the Simply Natural bottle is one that babies will enjoy drinking their breastmilk or formula from. But if you have a baby who may be experiencing some stomach discomfort after feeding, the Smooth Flow Anti-Colic would be a great bottle to try.

Smooth Flow Anti-Colic (not currently compatible with Baby’s Brew) 

Many of the babies who experience colic (excessive crying) have issues with gas and reflux. This often happens when a baby swallows too much air when they drink from a bottle which can happen more easily when they're drinking very quickly. NUK has created a bottle to counteract this issue with the ability for babies to control the flow-rate with the unique nipple design on the Smooth Flow Anti-Colic bottle. The nipple works by adjusting the flow based on how your baby drinks, and is able to adapt the flow based on their suction strength. Here are some additional features to note:

  • the color changing Safe-Temp thermometer inside the bottle lets you know if your baby's milk is too hot
  • choose between 5-ounce and 10-ounce size
  • Wide neck bottle makes for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • accepted by 98% of babies based on market research      

Warming NUK Simply Natural Bottles With the Baby's Brew

What's even better is utilizing a reliable bottle warmer that you can count on to never over warm your baby's milk. That's what you'll get with the only battery-powered bottle warmer from the Baby's Brew. Not only are you able to take it anywhere you need to go, you can also choose from 4 temperatures depending on your baby's preferences.

Because of the slow-heat technology it utilizes, you'll never have to worry about giving your baby a bottle that's too hot. This mechanism is also important for heating up breastmilk; it enables valuable breastmilk components to be preserved.

Though the allure of this bottle warmer is its portability (holds up to 12 hours of charge!), it's so reliable that it's perfect for home use, too. Need to warm a bottle in the middle of the night? We recommend setting it on your bedside table to make the process as quick as much better than padding downstairs in the middle of the night!

NUK Simply Natural bottles and the Baby's Brew make a perfect pair for feeding your little one. You can choose between the warmer only or the warmer with a detachable formula dispenser (for mess-free bottle prep)...add on the NUK Simply Natural adapter and you're set!

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  • When specifically will the NUK adapter come out? I want to buy the babies brew but not until this adapter comes out!

    Katy Anne Lund on
  • Does this warmer work for a most bottle brands and sizes?

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