Comotomo Adapter

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Compatible with Comotomo bottles, this adapter ensures an effortless transition between the bottle and our Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer.


Also Works With:

  • Olababy
  • Boon Nursh 
  • Haakaa 
  • Kiinde

How To Use Comotomo Adapter

Allows you to warm in the bottle of your choice

No more transferring milk from a thermos or container to your bottle

Leak-proof design

BPA Free

Phthalate Free

safe for breast milk + formula

BPA free with medical grade stainless steel

compact portable design

Buy it with


precision warming for sensative tummies

Gentle Convection Warming Technology

With gentle and consistent warmth, our product can provide a calming effect, relax the digestive system, and stimulate the production of digestive enzymes, which are all essential in reducing colic symptoms. Giving your baby and you the best feeding experience possible.

Handwash by removing silicone ring(s) with baby friendly dish soap or place on top rack of dishwasher

What comes with the purchase of an adapter?

Depending on the adapter style, one or two silicone rings will come with the adapter.

Is the adapter safe?

Yes! Our adapters are BPA and phthalate free.

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