Packing List for Your Baby's Trip to Disney

Heading to the Disney Parks sometime soon with your baby in tow? Sharing the most magical place on earth with the little one you love the most can be an amazing experience. But the truth is that your days of heading there on a whim with little planning is now behind you. In order to ensure miles of smiles instead of meltdown mayhem, it's important that you plan ahead for exactly what your baby will need. That's why we've created this Disney Packing List for your baby so that you're prepared and can have the experience you've dreamed it could be.

Packing the Basics for Your Baby at Disney

It's important that you don't end up at a Disney park missing a key item that you need. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to cut a great time short when you have a baby. Though you may feel a little crazy and like you're overpacking, we promise you'd rather have all the gear you need in your baby arsenal for whatever might come your way.

Here is a list of the very basics you'll want to pack for a trip to Disney with your little one:

Baby Sunscreen - Even if it's cloudy, you'll want to make sure that you slather sunscreen on any of your baby's exposed skin. If you're looking for a sunscreen that will work well with a baby's sensitive skin, here are the 16 top-rated from the EWG.

Sunhat and baby sunglasses: Any trip you take with your baby to Disney needs to include a sunhat. Even if the sun isn't out in full-force a sunhat is a good idea. We also recommend baby sunglasses if your baby will keep them on.

Extra diapers and wipes: Because it's better to be overprepared than underprepared.

An Extra Outfit: Babies are notorious for spills and blow-outs. Be sure to have an extra set of clothes just in case.

Sleep Essentials: If your baby requires a special lovey and/or blanket to sleep, bring it! And if they take a paci, bring it as well as an extra. Disney can be very overwhelming for a baby and it's even for them to get overtired and fussy very quickly. Moving them to a calmer area with their favorite sleep props can help them get the nap they need.

Feeding Time Essentials: Make sure you have exactly what you need to get your baby's nutrition met through the day. If it's a hot day, they may need to nurse more than normal or may drink more formula than expected. Be sure to have extra beyond what you think you'd need. Bottle Wipes are also helpful to have to keep things like bottles and pacifiers sanitary. These also great for cleaning your Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer which we'll talk more about below. As far as baby food, food pouches are much easier to handle than a jar of baby food. And if they're old enough, don't forget the snacks!

There are definitely a lot of little things to remember to make sure you have packed and ready to go before you head out the door. You'll definitely want to get it ready the night before so you're not scurrying around trying to find what you need when you should've already been out the door 5 minutes ago.

OK, so now that you're set on the basics, let's talk about our favorite gear to have at Disney to make it an amazing day with your baby.

Top Gear to Pack for your Baby at Disney

Clearly there is a lot that you need to put on your packing list for a trip to Disney with your baby. We've covered all the little things, so now it's time to talk about some of our top gear that can make your Disney trip a memorable one (and for the right reasons!)

1.) Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer

Earlier we talked about all of those basic feeding essentials you'll need. The last thing you want at Disney is a hangry baby! One big tip we have is to bring the Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer with you to warm up your baby's milk. We all know that babies don't like cold milk, and trying to warm a bottle any other way at Disney sounds pretty stressful.

The Baby's Brew is the only battery-operated portable bottle warmer that safely warms your baby's bottle to the exact temperature you choose. One look at the reviews makes it obvious how great this piece of baby gear is while on the go. With up to 12 hours of charge you can heat your baby's bottles all day long at Disney!

2.) Lightweight Stroller With Canopy

Though you can rent a stroller at Disney, it's definitely easier to bring your own. You'll want one that's lightweight and easy to maneuver around crowds of people. A canopy on top will help keep your baby in the shade, so this additional feature is more than nice to have. And unless you want to be carrying around your bag all day, if you can find a stroller that has enough room underneath to store it, that can make a huge difference!

4.) Rain Gear

Rain is definitely a possibility on the day(s) you plan to go to Disney. Though a clear day is preferred, if you have travel booked then you won't be able to avoid it. Even if the percent chance of rain is fairly low, you'll want to be prepared with rain gear. Though a theme park doesn't seem that enjoyable in rain, especially with a baby, you'll want to make the most of it. And if you have the right gear, it really won't be so bad!

For your baby, you'll want to make sure you have a cover for your child's stroller. A weather shield specifically designed to fit over your stroller is good to have, but an extra adult-sized poncho you have on hand can also work in a pinch.

3.) Baby Carrier

Yes, we know we already suggested that you bring a stroller, but with a baby, it's really nice to have a way to carry your baby, too. Since you won't be able to take your stroller with you to get on rides, you might find yourself needing to carry your baby for quite awhile as you wait in line.

Having a baby carrier is a great way to continue to transport your baby without having to bear all the extra weight that carrying them on your hip requires. You'll definitely want a carrier that's easy to fold up and stash when you're not using it. A ring sling or a TushBaby hip carrier are great options!

5.) SnoofyBee Clean Hands Changing Pad

You may think that all changing pads are the same, but this one from SnoofyBee can be a lifesaver while you're out and about. We know how silly and squirmy babies can be, which isn't desirable when you're trying to change them. They think putting their hands down by their dirty diaper is, however, do not. The SnoofyBee is all about keeping your little one's hands up and out of the way so that they stay clean and you can get them changed and back to Disney fun as soon as possible.

6.) Backpack

Trust us when we say you aren't going to want a typical diaper bag at Disney. Even if you plan to stick it under the stroller while you walk around, there will be times that you'll need to be away from your stroller (there are places you can't take them at Disney). Having a backpack is much easier to carry around than a bag that goes over your shoulder. Your backpack doesn't need to be specifically a "diaper bag backpack," just be sure it has all the pockets and space to hold what you need.

A great idea would be to use a Diaper Bag Backpack with a Detachable Cooler. This can be really helpful for storing prepared bottles or snacks that need to be kept cool.

7.) Clip-On Stroller Fan

If you plan to visit one of the Disney parks on a warm day, you'll want to be prepared to keep your baby cool. Having a shaded stroller as we mentioned earlier is a start, but we all know that sitting in the shade in high temperatures can still feel hot. A stroller fan is a perfect way to keep a breeze on your little one to ensure they stay comfortable even as the day warms up.


What to Do if Your Forget Something From your Disney Baby Packing List

With so much to plan for and pack, it can be easy to forget something. Welcome to parenthood, amiright?! Who knew you'd be such a packrat and still be wondering how you could possibly have left something important behind.

So what do you do if you forget something for your baby from your Disney packing list?

Well, if it's something big, you're probably going to need to hit up a big box store before you head into the theme parks. But if it's one of the smaller baby items we discussed from our essentials list, you'll be happy to know about the Disney Baby Care Centers. They have these at Disneyland in Anaheim, as well as a location in each theme park at Disney World.

Not only are these great places to take a rest to feed your baby or utilize one of the private nursing rooms, but they also have an on-site shop offering formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, etc. that you may need in a pinch.

Though we know you'll plan well ahead to make sure you check off everything from your packing list for your baby's trip to Disney, it definitely gives you peace of mind knowing you can grab most of the essentials you missed right inside the park.

All it takes is a bit of preparation by utilizing this packing list for your baby, and we know you'll have an amazing time at Disney with your little family!

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