Innovative Feeding for Your Little One: Comotomo and The Baby’s Brew

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You’ve probably never really stopped to think about it, but bottle feeding has been a practice since ancient times. Though it did look very different. In fact, the bottles were made from materials such as pewter, tin, and porcelain. Glass didn’t make its way onto the scene until the beginning of the 20th century and plastic came much later. The way most current bottles and nipples work hasn’t changed a lot in the last half century, however. But that doesn’t mean we have to stop looking for ways to make the feeding experience the best it can be for both parents and their babies.


Thanks to innovative companies like Comotomo and the Baby’s Brew, feeding time for your little one has never been easier than it is right now. Even with the amount of baby bottles available today, Comotomo has created a baby bottle that even the pickiest of babies are likely to love. Add in the ability to heat your baby’s milk to just the right temperature with the Baby’s Brew, and you have yourself the perfect feeding combo.

Comotomo: Known as “Breastfeeding in a Bottle” 

Comotomo was insistent they could come up with a baby bottle that would work better for babies who transition between breast and bottle. So many mothers were sharing their frustration that their baby was experiencing nipple confusion every time they or another caregiver tried to give their baby a bottle. When this happens, babies will often refuse to eat until they are able to breastfeed…sometimes going an entire workday without anything to eat.

 Convinced there had to be a better way, Comotomo went to the drawing board to design a bottle that went against the status quo. 

 The following design choices were made to make for a better overall feeding experience:

  • No more nipple confusion – a wide mouth and a nipple shaped like a mother’s breast means bottle rejection from breastfeeding babies is much less likely
  • The bottle is squishy – this feature is one characteristic that makes Comotomo bottles stand out from their competitors. Babies love to keep their hands busy and will often hold, tug, or push on their mama’s breast as they drink their milk. Because the Comotomo bottle is made of silicone instead of the typical hard plastic or glass, it offers a soothing, calming touch for your baby that feels like skin.
  • Super wide opening – this makes Comotomo bottles easy to clean by hand.
  • Very heat resistant – they can even go in the top rack of the dishwasher!
  • Dual anti-colic venting system – this anti-colic system looks different from what you’ve probably seen before. Two vents smartly placed on the side of the nipple means that your baby is drinking milk and not air (but without extra parts to clean).

Comotomo’s unique design seems to have thought of everything. Breastfeeding babies will get a bottle that closely mimics a breast which will hopefully lead to no more bottle rejection. It’s clear to see why moms have nicknamed it “breastfeeding in a bottle.”

Except there is one important part missing that can make your baby’s bottle feeding even better. And that’s ensuring that your baby’s milk is comforting and warm, just the way they like it. This is when you’ll want to combine your baby’s bottle with The Baby’s Brew. 

Warming Comotomo Baby Bottles with The Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer

Babies don’t only reject bottles because of nipple confusion or because they want their mother’s breast. Many times, babies refuse to drink their breastmilk or formula if it’s too cold. 

That’s where a bottle warmer comes in.

 Bottle warmers are widely available when it comes to finding one that plugs in that’s easy to use at home. But that doesn’t help you when you need to get out of the house to…well…live your life!

The Baby’s Brew is a portable bottle warmer that works perfectly with Comotomo baby bottles when fitted with the Comotomo adapter. It’s the first and only of its kind as it uses batteries to operate. It’s simple to use and takes the hassle out of warming your baby’s milk when you’re out and about. It works so well, in fact, that it’s really the only bottle warmer you need!

Its features include:

  • Safe heating – Because it uses a slow-heat system (takes about 5-10 minutes) there won’t be any hot spots in your baby’s milk. It will also preserve valuable breastmilk nutrients.
  • Stays heated for hours – Have a baby who wakes in the middle of the night? Just get her bottle heated before bedtime and the bottle is ready to go whenever she wakes! 
  • 4 temperature settings with the update Pro model – As we all know, babies have their preferences. Therefore, the Baby’s Brew was designed with four temperature settings depending on your baby’s needs. 
  • Built-in formula dispenser option – Moms who use formula for their babies will love this optional feature! It’s as easy as twist, press, and shake! (You can also do the warmer only if you don't have a need for the formula dispenser)

Like Comotomo baby bottles, the Baby’s Brew is all about innovation and not settling for something that could be better. In our day and age with busy moms working and constantly on the go, Comotomo and the Baby’s Brew make for an easy and enjoyable feeding experience for your little one…every single time. 




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  • Hi I’m looking to get this for my newborn. Which adaptor will work with Avent bottles ?

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