MAM Baby Bottles and the Best Bottle Warmer to Use with Them

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Finding the right bottle for your baby isn't always as easy as you'd think it would be. As a parent, you would love to think that if your baby was hungry, he'd take any bottle with the breastmilk or formula he drinks. And sometimes a baby will take a bottle, but because of its design, it leaves him feeling uncomfortable or gassy. Finding both the right bottle as well as a bottle warmer is essential for getting your baby's feeding time just right. One baby bottle company that's been perfecting its design to give babies what they need is MAM. And when utilizing one of MAM's highly researched bottle designs along with the Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer, bottle feeding can be a cinch.

Here we have a little bit of background on the MAM company as well as the baby bottles they offer. Additionally, we've found the very best bottle warmer for your MAM bottles - the Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer Pro.

About MAM Baby Bottles

MAM can summarize its commitment to helping little ones thrive in 3 short words: "We love babies." Because of that, the Austrian born company has been supporting the healthy development of babies across the globe since 1976.

MAM's innovative bottles follow their guiding principle they use for all their products and that's that they want baby's individual development to be supported while also making life easier on parents. At MAM, they know that parents are working hard to give their babies the very best. Their products are designed to help families thrive.

MAM has two different baby bottle choices available, each offered in smaller sizes for younger babies, or larger sizes for older ones. All bottles made of safe materials that you can feel comfortable giving your baby. They are BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free and CPSIA compliant.

Choosing Which MAM Bottle to Use

MAM knows babies are unique and have different challenges and needs that change over time. That's why they've designed bottles with different features so you can find what works best for your little one.

MAM Anti-Colic 5 oz - The Ideal Bottle for NewbornsMAM bottle

There is a reason that infancy is often referred to as the "fourth trimester." There is still so much growing and development for them to do - which includes your baby's digestive system. At this age, it's still very immature, and it takes a few months for your baby to drink milk without also taking in unnecessary air. This can make a baby very uncomfortable and irritable. That's why anti-colic babies at this stage are so popular. 

With MAM's anti-colic bottles you'll find: 

  • an easy switch between Mom and the MAM bottle due to the ultra soft silicone nipple that feels like a real breast
  • a wide opening for easy cleaning
  • base ventilation system that provides a smooth milk flow which reduces gassiness and burps
  • slow flow nipple
  • measurement tick marks to get the right amount every time
  • there is also a 9-ounce version available with a medium flow nipple

MAM Easy Active BottlesMAM bottle

As your baby grows, so does her digestive system. And that often means burps and extra gas are a thing of the past (phew!), and a specifically designed anti-colic bottle is no longer needed. Easy Active Bottles are perfect for those babies.

With MAM's Easy Active bottles you'll find:

  • top quality materials
  • simple design with no unnecessary frills
  • wide opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • a symmetrically shaped nipple that will always fit perfectly in baby's mouth.
  • made in 9-ounce (with a medium flow nipple) or 11-ounce sizes (with fast flow nipple)
  • easy to hold for both babies and parents

Between the various offerings of MAM bottles, it will likely be an excellent fit for your baby. Getting the bottle right definitely means you're on your way to an enjoyable feeding experience. But getting the milk inside to your baby's desired temperature also matters, too. 

Pairing MAM Bottles with the Best Bottle Warmer: The Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer Pro

Though there is certainly no danger to your baby if you give them cold milk, it's likely they won't take it if it is. Just because you like it, doesn't mean they do. Even room temperature milk is often undesirable for babies. These days, having a bottle warmer is practically a necessary convenience. 

You should never microwave a baby's milk to heat it up. For one, it can cause dangerous hot spots and if you're heating up breastmilk, it will also destroy important nutrients. And though a bowl of warm water is safe to use for heating up a bottle, it's very slow and can also be messy.  

Though MAM doesn't offer their own bottle warmer, luckily, MAM bottles do fit in most bottle warmers. And though an electric bottle warmer is usually sufficient at home (though you never know when the power might go out), that won't work for on the go.

There are actually quite a few portable bottle warmers available now, as we wrote about here. But so many of them have poor reviews for improper heating or are honestly just not very easy to use. That's why we recommend the Baby's Brew. It's so good, in fact, that we recommend it for both at home and when out and about. And with the proper adapter, it works perfectly with all MAM bottles.

How nice to feel like you only need one bottle warmer no matter where you end up! The Baby's Brew is the only battery-powered portable bottle warmer. That alone is enough to realize how much simpler it will make your life with baby when out of the house. But it's the additional features that make it so much better than the other portable bottle warmers:

  • safely warms milk to prevent hot spots and preserve nutrients
  • can heat up a bottle in 5 - 10 minutes
  • keeps water warm for over 8 hours once set
  • has four temperature choices to get milk warmed to your baby's perfect temperature (with the two lowest being perfect for breastmilk)
  • fits almost all baby bottles including MAM bottles
  • choose between 2 options: warmer only or warmer + formula dispenser set

MAM bottles can be an excellent bottle choice for your baby, and the Baby’s Brew is the best bottle warmer to use with them!


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