The Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

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From the time you find out you're pregnant, you soon realize how much time you'll need to spend on getting all of the perfect products for your little one so they can be safe, healthy, and happy. And let me tell you, when I was pregnant with my first, I was definitely shocked at the number of baby bottle options available! Finding the right bottle is definitely one of those key products that's best to nail down before your baby gets here. Even if you plan to breastfeed, it's common for mothers to give their babies bottles of pumped breastmilk. Plus, it also lets dad in on the bonding time of feeding which he'll appreciate!

So, what are the best bottles for breastfed babies? With such innovative techniques nowadays, not all baby bottles are created equal. There are many choices for a reason. And as a breastfeeding mama, a unique challenge you have is finding a bottle that your baby is willing to take instead of your breast. This will lead to the most positive feeding experience for your little one. 

What to Look for in a Bottle for your Breastfed Baby

When choosing our top 5 bottles for breastfed babies, this is what we looked for:

  • dome that looks like a real breast
  • made from a material that feels similar to a breast
  • a flexible nipple that improves latch
  • nipple flow that replicates milk flow from a breast

Nipple confusion and bottle resistance are very real experiences for breastfed babies. Luckily, there are several great bottle options that have challenged the status quo of bottle-feeding to perfect the transition between breast and bottle.

Read on to find out our top 5 bottles for breastfed babies (as well two more important considerations for you breastfeeding moms!)

1. Comotomo Baby Bottle

This bottle has come to be known as "breastfeeding in a bottle" which is why it's topping our list.

Here are the special design characteristics of Comotomo that make it perfect for breastfed babies:

  • The wide mouth and a nipple shaped like a mother's breast reduces nipple confusion.
  • Unlike almost every other bottle available, this bottle is squishy. Breastfed babies are used to being able to hold, push and tug on their mom's breast as they feed, and the soft, silicone material gives that same soothing comfort they are used to.
  • The dual anti-colic venting system was created to ensure your baby is drinking milk and not air.

Though there is no perfect substitute for a baby's mom's breast, the Comotomo has really thought of everything to come as close as possible.

2. Nanobebe Baby Bottle

Right off the bat you'll notice that the Nanobebe looks different than every other bottle available. It's cylindrical design isn't a coincidence. The creators of the Nanobebe wanted to create a better bottle for breastfed babies who are often "bottle shy." You'll notice that this one is round like a breast is! Your baby is extremely smart and it's easy to tell the difference between most bottles and a breast. The Nanobebe gets very close to looking like a real one!

It even comes with a breast pump adapter so you can pump your breastmilk right into it.

An additional reason this bottle made the Time's List of "Best Inventions" is its ability to warm milk twice as fast as with a typical bottle. That's because the surface area is expanded with this bottle.

3. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

Tommee Tippee comes highly recommended by many breastfeeding moms and has for years.

The first thing you'll notice about Tommee Tippee bottles is that the mouth of the bottle is much wider than the bottom of the bottle. It was designed this way for two reasons:

  1. The wide mouth allows for a dome-like shaped top. This more closely resembles a mother's breast than many other bottles available.
  2. So, why the reason for a narrower bottom? Well, this makes it much easier for you (or your baby) to hold.

An additional characteristic that makes Tommee Tippee bottles great for breastfed babies is the flexible nipple. It both looks and feels like a real breast. Tommee Tippee's website states, "92% of more than 1,200 parents who used our nipple with their child recalled that they accepted it within the first 3 attempts." Ultimately, there's a good chance your breastfed baby will love this bottle!

4. AVENT Natural Baby Bottle

AVENT offers two different types of baby bottles, but the "Natural Baby Bottle" is the best choice for moms who plan to feed their baby with a combined breast-bottle approach.

This company has worked hard to design a bottle that even the most finicky of breastfed babies will easily take.

The features that make it a great choice for breastfed babies include:

  • a wide-breast shaped dome and nipple
  • a soft nipple that remains flexible throughout a baby's feeding mimics a breastfeeding session
  • an easy to hold shape for babies

The additional feature of Airflex vent technology also means that air is vented away from your baby's tummy to reduce colic and tummy issues.

5. MAM Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies

MAM makes a bottle specially designed for little ones who often breastfeed. According to the company, they have a very high acceptance rate with 94% of babies accepting the SkinSoft nipple. Because it feels so much like their mom’s nipple, babies are much more likely to take these MAM bottles ove many other choices available. 

Moms will also love the ani-colic venting system that creates a vacuum effect to eliminate gas causing bubbles.

Additional Considerations for Transitioning your Breastfed Baby to a Bottle

Here are two more things that are important to note about your breastfed baby who you're going to give your bottle to:

  1. Flow matters. Breastfed babies are used to having to work a little harder to get their milk from a breast. The milk generally doesn't flow as quickly as it does from many bottle nipples. You'll want to be sure you're choosing low-flow or baby-controlled nipples. Not only will this help your baby take the bottle more easily, but it will also keep your baby happy when they're breastfeeding. You want the flow to be as similar to your breast flow as possible. Most bottles have varying nipple flow choices so just look for the lower flow ones.

  2. Your baby wants warm milk. Your breastfed baby will probably expect body temperature milk (AKA 98.6 degrees). That's the temperature of the breastmilk they get so, of course, that's what they're going to prefer when it's time to drink from a bottle. There are lots of bottle warmers available, but one that's going to ensure your baby's milk is the perfect body temperature is the Baby's Brew battery-operated bottle warmer. It's extremely simple to use on the go, safely heats milk to preserve nutrients, and warms the breastmilk to a perfect 98.6 degrees at the push of a button (there is one other safe temperature for breast milk as well). Plus it works with almost every bottle available including every bottle on this list!



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