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Parenting a baby is amazing, but it's also one of the toughest jobs you'll ever have. But the times we live in definitely offer a lot of conveniences to make this rewarding job a bit easier. One piece of gear that you won't want to be without is the Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer. Not only is this a reliable bottle warmer for all of your on the go activities, but it works so well that it can easily replace the cumbersome electric bottle warmers taking up precious space on your kitchen counter.

Here you'll find out all about the Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer including:

  • its incredible features
  • why it's a healthy choice for warming your baby's milk
  • how safety is the number one priority of the Baby's Brew
  • how it compares to other portable and electrical bottle warmers

About the Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer

There's a lot to love about the Baby's Brew. Here's what you can expect:

  • Fits most wide neck bottles. If it’s not compatible with your model of bottle out of the box, there are many adapters available for purchase to make the perfect fit.
  • Adjustable temperature function - this means you can get it just right for you unique little babe:
           - 80F - For when you are trying to get liquids to room temp
           - 98.6F - Ideal for breastfed baby's
           - 103F - Made for all other liquids besides breast milk
           - 110F - Perfect temperature to help babies with reflux
  • Safe slow-heat technology - This feature allows your baby’s bottle to be ready in 5 – 10 minutes which will preserve nutrients with no hot spots
  • Sleek, stainless steel, leak-proof design means you can easily carry it in a diaper bag, purse or cup holder
  • Holds a charge for up to 8 hours - You can leave the cord at home and use the warmer when you’re ready! (Water can be kept warm for this amount of time; breast milk should not be kept warm past one hour)
  • Formula Dispenser Option - If you are a breastfeeding parent, you can choose to get the warmer only, but formula-feeding parents will love the set that comes with a warmer and a formula dispenser for mess-free bottle prep


There are so many reasons why the Baby's Brew is a piece of baby gear you need. Perhaps most important, however, is why this bottle warmer is a great choice for your baby's health and safety.

Health Benefits of the Baby's Brew

Whether your baby takes breastmilk of formula, nature intended for babies to drink warm milk - essentially 98.6 degrees. Babies thrive off comfort, and warm milk offers a much more comfortable feeding experience. Refusing cold milk doesn't mean you have a picky baby, it makes them completely normal!

Though feeding your baby cold or cool milk isn't necessarily unhealthy, trying to get them to drink it this way when they don't want to really makes for a stressful experience for both you and baby. We know that a happy and full baby is a healthy one.

Preserving breast milk nutrients is another key feature of the Baby's Brew.


Additional Health Benefits for Breastfed Babies

We get a lot of questions about how warming milk effects the essential nutrients in breast milk. According to the American Pregnancy Association, breastmilk contains antibodies, living cells, enzymes, and hormones that cannot be replicated. Within the breast milk are components necessary for your baby to fight against infection and disease. So OF COURSE you would never want to do anything to your baby's milk that would compromise these nutrients.

Luckily, the Baby's Brew is the perfect bottle warmer to ensure that your baby's breast milk remains unchanged with zero degradation of nutrients. How can we promise this?

  1. Through slow-heat technology. As much as a fast warming process sounds ideal so that you can feed your baby sooner, it's actually detrimental to many of the properties in breastmilk. The Baby's Brew, unlike some other bottle warmers, heats up slowly which is best for the warming of human milk.
  2. Never heating past the chosen temperature. The Baby's Brew allows you to set your perfect temperature. Two of the four temperatures are safe for breast milk, including a perfect 98.6 degrees. And you can rest assured that it will not heat beyond that when that is the temperature selected.

And if you're a formula-feeding parent, the slow-heat technology as well as getting an exact chose temperature are wonderful features to have, too. In fact, it's the safest way to heat up any sort of liquid for your baby.

Safety Features of the Baby's Brew

The Baby's Brew keeps your baby's safety as the number one priority. Though convenience is a huge part of what makes the Baby's Brew unique, the health and safety of your little ones is what's most important. So how can you be sure that it's a safe product to use for your baby?

  1. Slow-heat technology. This feature comes into play again when it comes to your baby's safety. And that's because it ensures there will be not hot spots in your baby's milk that could scald your baby's mouth and throat. This is the reason you should NEVER use a microwave to warm your baby's milk.
  2. 4 safe temperatures available. Unlike some warmers that may have options beyond what is safe for your baby, the Baby's Brew does not warm past a safe temperature for your baby. You don't have to worry about it ever overheating.
  3. No risk of burning yourself or baby. Because you attach your baby's bottle to the Baby's Brew to warm it, there is no chance of burning yourself on the warmer or accidentally spilling hot water on you or your baby (which can be a risk with some other warmers).

You can't deny the awesome features of the Baby's Brew. But how does it compare to other warmers?

Why You'll Want to Choose the Baby's Brew Over Other Warmers

The whole reason creator Alaina Rockwell came up with the idea for a battery-operated bottle warmer is because she couldn't find any type of portable bottle warmer she could rely on to warm her new baby's milk. As a family who traveled often, it was stressful trying to warm their baby's milk on the go and their daughter (understandably!) put up a fuss if her milk wasn't perfectly warmed up. The portable bottle warmers available were few and far between (and far from reliable) and electrical bottle warmers were obviously not useful while out and about.

We've done a lot of research on both portable bottle warmers and electrical ones that you'd really only use at home. There's a reason Baby's Brew is the complete solution to your bottle warming needs.

Baby's Brew Versus Other Portable Bottle Warmers

We encourage you to check out our article on the "8 Best Baby Bottle Warmers of 2022." A quick skim of this article will help you realize why the Baby's Brew is one of the only portable bottle warmers on the market. This is what makes the Baby's Brew stand out:

  • reliability - press a button and you get the exact temperature you need for your baby's milk every time.
  • health and safety - all of the health and safety we mentioned above is what makes the Baby's Brew the perfect bottle warmer for your little one. 
  • simplicity - the design is simple and right out of the box it's easy to get your baby's milk warmed up to perfection.
  • multiple use - You'll find that many portable bottle warmers only allow you to heat up one bottle per use. Not so with the Baby's Brew!

Baby's Brew Versus Electrical Bottle Warmers

The truth is that there are a lot of great electrical bottle warmers out there that work really well for warming your baby's milk at home. But this isn't helpful for the times when you need to leave the house. Feeling like you need to stay home to warm your baby's bottle just isn't necessary when you have the Baby's Brew.

So you might be thinking, well I can just have both a Baby's Brew and a bottle warmer for home. Which is true! But we are confident that you'll love the Baby's Brew so much that it can replace your at home bottle warmer. Here's why:

  1. You can easily take it to any room in your house. Most parents keep an electrical bottle warmer in the kitchen, which requires you to make it there during the night to prep your baby's bottle. The Baby's Brew can be kept right on your nightstand for quick and easy midnight bottle warming.
  2. You can put it in a drawer. It's amazing how much clutter builds from having such a tiny human. Replacing a big electrical bottle warmer with the sleek Baby's Brew bottle warmer means more space.

The Baby's Brew is the Perfect Bottle Warmer

Any piece of gear you can get your hands on to make parenting life easier is a win! But with your baby being the most precious thing on earth, more than anything you want to know that what you are using is safe. The Baby's Brew offers convenience at home and on the go while making sure your baby is safe, healthy, and happy while they eat.




Q: Do I need a bottle warmer? 

A: Not every baby has a preference for milk temperature, but many do. Typically babies prefer a bottle around 98ºF or typical body temp, especially babies that go from breast to bottle. Having a bottle warmer can be helpful when you need a warm bottle quickly for a hungry baby! Many bottle warmers have multiple temperature settings so there is more selection depending on what baby prefers.


Q: How to warm a bottle while traveling?

A: A portable bottle warmer is a must have for traveling. There are a couple types of portable bottle warmers. There are battery powered warmers like The Baby’s Brew and there are also thermos type warmers that use hot water as the heat source. 


Q: How do you use The Baby’s Brew bottle warmer?

A: Using your Baby’s Brew is as easy as attaching it to a bottle, flipping it over and selecting your desired temperature (80ºF, 98ºF, 103ºF and 110ºF). The warmer will stop heating and maintain the set temperature. There are over 30 different bottle brands that fit directly onto the warmer and another 15 brands that have adapters available for purchase.  

Check out this video about how to use The Baby's Brew! 

Q: How do you clean the bottle warmer? 

A: Once warmer is cool, you can use warm water and soap to wash the heating plate of your Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer.  Be sure that you do not fully submerge the warmer in water and make sure the warmer charging port is unplugged and the cover is closed. You can sanitize it by putting equal parts of distilled vinegar and water in a bottle and setting the temperature to 110 and letting it sit for 20-30 minutes. On the go you can use breast pump cleaning wipes to wipe off the heating plate between uses. 

Check out this cleaning video tutorial!

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  • Is there a way to tell if the device has started to warm or stopped warming when reaches the desired temp?

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  • Convenient practical amazing product. In love wid it ❤️ Wish I had it wid my first son.

    Neha Sharma on

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