18 Best Holiday Gifts for Grandparents

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Grandmas and Grandpas are no doubt proud of their role. There’s not anything quite like working hard for many years to raise happy and successful children to then see the continuation of their family tree with a brand new generation. On top of that, they're often the first phone call a parent makes when they need advice, a comforting ear...or let's be honest - a babysitter. Grandparents deserve to be celebrated, which is why we've put together this list of 18 of the best holiday gifts for grandparents. No matter what kind of grandparent they are, or the age of their grandchildren, there's sure to be the perfect gift for any grandparent on your list.

Grandparents of Babies and Toddlers

We all know how needy and exhausting it can be to take care of babies and toddlers. They require constant care and supervision. If your child's grandparents are going to be doing any babysitting, they should have the same conveniences available to them that you do to give your baby the utmost care. Here's what you can give to make their grandparenting job easier!

Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer

Having warm milk on the go for a new baby is easy with the Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer. As the only battery-powered bottle warmer, it's great for both at home and travel. With 4 different temperature settings for warmed milk exactly the way baby prefers it, it's the perfect gift for grandparents of babies. It's the most reliable portable bottle warmer that also ensures no hot spots while preserving nutrients. They’ll look forward to heading out to show off their new grandbaby while she stays fed and happy.

Pack 'N Play or Portable Crib

Babies nap a lot. So even if Grandma and Grandpa aren't doing overnight stays with your little one just yet, a pack 'n play is a necessity for naps. If you go this route (over a smaller "portable crib") it can also double as a safe place to play so grandparents can prepare a meal, complete other chores, or just take a load off from their tiring babysitting. Plus, when baby goes back home, these are easily folded up and tucked away.

Back-up Car seat

Cosco Scenera

Just like you don't want to be stuck at home for hours on end, neither do grandparents when they’re babysitting. It can also be a huge pain to transfer a car seat all the time. That is if you even remember to leave it! Grandma and Grandpa will love having their own car seat for their grandbaby so they can go out and about as needed. Even though car seats can sometimes cost a small fortune, consider a lighter one without all the bells and whistles. The Cosco Scenera is a top rated and trustworthy car seat that follows all safety guidelines.

Baby Activity Center/Jumper

Baby Activity Center/Jumper

As your baby grows, they get a lot more mobile and have a higher need for activity. A baby activity center and/or jumper is a great gift for grandparents who will be watching your little one. It will allow your baby to get out all their wiggles, while grandma or grandpa can take a little break from being the one doing all the entertaining.

Best Keepsake Gifts for Grandparents

Grandmas and Grandpas are incredibly proud of the grandchildren in their growing family. These gifts give a personal touch - and allow your children to be the stars.

Personalized Photo Book

Personalized Photo Book

It's pretty easy these days to find a photo service where you can make a personalized photo book with the countless photos you've taken. Instead of allowing those sweet memories to become buried in your phone, why not turn them into a keepsake photo book that you know your child's grandparents will cherish forever. We especially love this We Heart Grandparents one from Shutterfly. Don't forget to scan your child's darling drawings and include those, as well.

Family Birthday and Celebration Board Sign

Family Birthday and Celebration Board SignThis sign from Etsy is just one of many options when it comes to these types of birthday and celebration signs. With a growing family comes a lot more important dates and birthdays to remember. Help Grandma and Grandpa to never miss a special day with a family birthday and celebration board. Plus it's attractive and doubles as the perfect decoration for any home.

Photo Calendar

This is another holiday gift that you can easily make online with all of your stored digital photos. Plus, this can continue to be an annual present that takes the guesswork out of some future gift-giving! And you'll know they'll always look forward to the monthly pictures you've thoughtfully chosen of the grandchildren they adore.

Letters to My Grandchild Memory Book

Letters to My Grandchild Memory BookThis unique gift will hopefully become a cherished heirloom through the generations. In a time where almost everything is digital, it's nice to have a keepsake that can be passed on forever. There are lots of memory books like this to choose from, but this one has 10 specific letter prompts and then 2 pages for you to write about your own special memory. If you're looking for a thoughtful gift to give, this one definitely fits the bill.

Quality Time Gifts for Grandparents

Experience gifts are becoming more and more popular. And for good reason! For the grandparents who tell you they don't need or want any gifts for the holidays, this is one they will gladly take. Time spent with loved ones will always be more important than things, and these activities are all great no matter what age you are.

Fairy Garden Kit or Accessories

Fairy Garden Kit or AccessoriesBuilding a fairy garden is an activity that can include grandchildren of all ages. Toddlers to teenagers will enjoy adding to the fairy garden through the years and putting their own creative touches on it. Accessories can easily be purchased online, but a gift card to a local craft store can also be nice so that grandparents and grandchildren together can choose the special items they'd like to include in their timeless fairy garden.

The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs

The Complete Baking Book For Young ChefsFor any grandparent who loves to cook, a cookbook with kid-friendly recipes is an excellent gift. Grandmas and grandpas love creating memories with their grandchildren, but they may not be up for out-and-about excursions. Staying in and cooking up a storm can be the perfect bonding experience for a grandchild and their grandparent.

Picture Books about Grandparents

Picture Books about Grandparents

It's no secret that grandparents love to read with their grandchildren. Why not add to their personal library with picture books written with grandparents in mind? Just as you like to read books that include moms and dads, grandparents will love to read books where they are included, too. We especially enjoy this two-book boxed set titled, "How to Babysit a Grandma AND a Grandpa Boxed Set."

Annual Activity Pass

Grandparents look forward to spending time with their grandchildren. Most adults and children already have plenty of "stuff" so this is an excellent gift to give that both generations can enjoy together. This also gives your child the opportunity to explore and learn new things while seeing you're never too old to learn when sharing this with the older generation. Zoos, aquariums, children's museums, national parks, and art museums are all excellent choices.

Relaxing Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents love to relax just as much as you do! And if they have to babysit your kids for any period of time, then you might want to recognize their efforts with a little at-home luxury. The following three gifts will definitely be appreciated at holiday time!

Nespresso Coffee Machine

Nespresso Coffee MachineDepending on how fancy they like their coffee, Nespresso offers a range of options for all coffee lovers. Do you require some early morning babysitting of your child's grandparents? If you do, the extra energy they'll get from their morning cup will definitely be necessary. And this gift will make sure it tastes good, too.

Wine Subscription

Need we say more? After a long day with your kids, many grandparents will gladly enjoy a glass of wine. Which makes a wine subscription an excellent holiday gift.

Ultimate Bath and Shower Experience Gift Set

Ultimate Bath and Shower Experience Gift Set

Along with their glass of wine, grandparents might want to unwind from a busy day of chasing little ones around with a spa-like experience in their own home. There are many sets to choose from, and this one, in particular, includes all the essentials to give Grandma and Grandpa the ultimate experience.

SmartTech Gifts for Grandparents

Our world is becoming more and more technologically advanced by the day. And though it may take them just a bit longer, most grandparents are ready to get on board. These smart tech gifts are sure to bridge the generations of young and old.

Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo FrameGrandparents love to look at pictures of their grandkids - and even more so if they live far away. A digital photo frame is a great way for grandparents to have constant access to these precious memories. Be sure to add a memory card to this gift - a 32 GB memory card can hold up to 6,000 photos.

Media Streaming Device and Subscription

Though your child's grandparents probably have cable, they may not have streaming services yet. With the recent addition of Disney Plus, this can be the perfect gift to allow for some quality snuggle time between G & G and the kids. If you do go ahead with a subscription as a gift, be sure they have the ability to stream it as well. A Chromecast or Roku will do the trick.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

"Hey, Alexa..." Grandparents used to open up an encyclopedia anytime their grandchild had a question about the world. Now, all we have to do is ask the question aloud and we'll get an answer simultaneously. This is a fun way for both grandchildren and grandparents to keep their knowledge going. Plus she even tells jokes or they can check out this list for 30 fun things to can ask Alexa together.


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