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Who doesn't love a baby shower!? It's so exciting to celebrate a mom-(or parents)-to-be and pick out sweet gifts for the baby on the way. But it can also be a bit overwhelming deciding what to get. On the one hand, all those cute, tiny little baby clothes are calling your name, but you also want to get the new parents items they really need and will use.

Even if the expecting parents have a registry, there are usually many items available to choose from. Here we have over 40 baby shower gifts to fit anyone's budget. And there's no doubt the parents will love what you get them if it's something from this list!

Here are our top baby shower gift ideas - from the absolute essentials to services new parents will truly appreciate.

Baby Showers Gift Ideas: The Absolute Essentials

Baby Shower

The teeny tiny knitted booties might be the most adorable item that's gifted at a baby shower (and no doubt made with love), but these definitely don't fall in the "need" category. New moms may not realize it right away, but the following gifts are the ones that are absolutely necessary when caring for a newborn.

Crib: Chances are the expecting parents will have a crib and matching furniture all picked out. If a crib is in your budget or you have a big group looking to get an extra nice gift, this could be the perfect one.

Crib mattress and sheets: A crib mattress is crucial for a newborn getting safe sleep. This guide from Consumer Reports will ensure you're gifting one that's perfect for the little one you're showering. And don't forget the cute sheets to go with it!

Changing pad and cover: Stinky diapers are synonymous with babies, and the new parents will need a devoted place to change them. A changing pad with a cute cover that matches the nursery is perfect to give at a shower.

Diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream: I personally love gifting the diapers from Honest Baby. The darling patterns make these diapers a great supplement to any baby shower gift (that you know 100% will get used.) And throwing in a package of wipes or a tube of diaper cream is always a good idea, too.

Burp cloths: Any will do and you can have fun choosing cute patterns for the mother-to-be. But plain cloth diapers work amazingly well for this purpose, too.

Breast Pump: These can be expensive, but for any mom who plans to breastfeed, a double-electric pump is necessary for breastfeeding to continue if she plans to go back to work. I know I was so excited that someone checked this off the list for me at my baby shower. Check the registry to see which one she wants or send mama this list of our top breast pumps!

Bottles: Most parents will register for baby bottles after researching the best ones (such as from a list like this.) Even mothers who plan to breastfeed will likely transition their baby to some bottle feeding at some point, as well.

Swaddles or swaddle blankets: It's important to know that swaddles and swaddle blankets aren't all created equal. Be sure to get ones that will easily give baby a snug, womb-like fit.

Baby Cleansing Set: Baby baths are necessary and the products parents use on themselves won't be suitable. A set that includes baby shampoo, baby body wash, and baby lotion can be the perfect gift!

Onesies and Pajamas: Babies certainly don't need the most expensive clothes, but they do require plenty of wardrobe changes. Parents will definitely require some clothing for their little one and this is also an area where the person giving the gift can have a little fun picking from all the darling clothes. Don't forget about grabbing something in a bigger size, too - sometimes parents end up with way too many 0-3 month outfits and they grow out of these so fast!

Carseat: The parents-to-be will likely have a preference on a car seat as this one usually requires a lot of research. But as a more expensive gift, this can be a great one for a group to go in on that the parents will appreciate not having to purchase themselves.

Stroller: Carseats and strollers are often sold as a travel "system." As a larger ticket, this can be a great group gift that parents will be sure to use for years to come.

Gift Ideas for Easier Portability

It can be overwhelming to leave the house with a new baby. But it's not healthy or enjoyable for parents to feel stuck at home either. The more items new parents have to make outings and vacations easier as a family, the better. Here are our top shower gift ideas for on-the-go parents.

Portable Bottle Warmer: Many travel bottle warmers are messy or don't work as they should. But as of 2019, there is the perfect battery-powered option from the Baby's Brew (and newly updated for 2020). It gives perfectly warmed milk no matter where you go. Its sleek design and quick and safe slow-heat technology (warmed breastmilk or formula in 5-10 minutes!) make it the best solution for on-the-go bottle heating. With 4 different temperatures to choose from, every baby will be happy! Formula-Feeding parents can choose to have the detachable dispenser option, as well.

Travel Crib: Either a smaller crib designed for travel or a pack 'n play system that doubles as a playpen both work great for this. This is a great gift as it will get used a lot both at home and while traveling. Gifting a sheet designed for this type of travel crib makes it a great set.

Baby Carrier or Sling: These are both useful gifts to give at a baby shower. Though not completely required, most moms will use them quite often. Baby carriers and/or slings are great for walking around with a baby without having to use a stroller, or even freeing up your arms at home when a fussy baby refuses to be put down.

Manual Hand Breast Pump: Double-electric breastpumps are great for moms to have, but they aren't always the easiest thing to use on the go. A manual breast pump is much more portable.

Inflatable bathtub: If the parents-to-be you're showering are big on travel, an inflatable bathtub is a helpful gift.

Stroller and Carseat Toys and Accessories: Keeping a little bit older baby entertained while out and about can be hard. Attaching toys to a stroller or carseat will help them stay occupied. Additionally, stroller or carseat covers can help baby stay dry and warm in less than ideal weather conditions.

Best Gifts for Making Life Easier with a New Baby

Baby Swing

Though these items may not be absolute necessities, we promise they will make life with a little one much more manageable and enjoyable.

Swing: New babies will sleep just about anywhere. A swing can help calm a fussy baby as well as provide a safe place for a little one to sleep while the new parents are awake and can keep an eye on them.

Bouncer: A bouncer is another easy spot to lay a baby while the new parents need to get things done around the house. It can also be bounced with a hand or foot to help a baby fall asleep.

Wipe warmer: Though not a requirement for changing a baby, using warm wipes can often keep babies calmer while they get changed. The parents will definitely appreciate this gift - even if they don't know it yet!

Bottle Warmer: Most babies prefer warm milk and some won't take it if it's not! Use this list we put together to find the perfect bottle warmer.

Playmat: New babies learn at an incredible rate and it's important for parents to give little babies "playtime." A playmat with toys attached to it and where baby can get some important time is a fun and useful gift.

Cool mist humidifier: These are great to have during the drier winter months or when a baby gets a cold. They even come in fun baby designs.

Teething rings or toys: Parents never know when their baby might be about to pop a tooth. They will be so happy to have teething toys at the ready.

Bumbo: A Bumbo is a popular tool parents use to help their babies learn to sit up on their own. These are built to last so can easily be used for other siblings who come along later, too.

Helpful Gifts for the Mom-to-Be

Diaper Bag

Nursing Pillow: For any mom who is breastfeeding, these really help the process be more comfortable. And a mom needs that when she is breastfeeding up to 12 times per day.

Nursing cover: These come in lots of designs and are so nice for a new mom to have to make breastfeeding in public a more comfortable experience.

Lactation massager: This is a great accessory for a mom who plans to breastfeed her little one since it relieves clogged ducts and improves milk flow.

Other breastfeeding accessories: Nursing bras, Lanolin cream, and nursing pads are all gifts that will get used a lot by a new breastfeeding mama.

Nursing Friendly Pajamas or Robe: Every new mom deserves some pampering. They also need to be comfortable so they can sleep while their baby sleeps. Cozy pajamas or a robe will be adored by any new mom.

Cute Diaper Bag: There are many options of diaper bags that the new mom will love to have. Choosing a backpack option with lots of pockets is often the most convenient choice - just be sure it's something she'll want to carry around anywhere she goes.

Service Baby Shower Ideas

Spa                                         Services aren't your typical baby shower gifts, which means they'll likely be unique from anything else the new parents receive! These are some services the new parents will happily take advantage since caring for a newborn can be so time-consuming and exhausting.

Meal Kit Delivery: There are several of these options available, which means you can find one that's suitable for the diet that any new family prefers.

Babysitting Services: You can even offer yourself for a night of babysitting for the new parents. It can be tough to get a night away (and expensive) so this is a gift they'll truly love.

Date Night: Find out the couples' favorite restaurant and give them a gift card so they can have a night out on their own (a perfect gift when combined with a free night of babysitting!)

Spa Day for Mom: It'll have been a while since this new mom will have been able to reach her toes, and she may have even forgone the hair dye while pregnant. No doubt she will love a spa day just to herself once she's ready.


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