Enhancing the Breastfeeding Experience with Medela and the Baby’s Brew

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 The majority of moms-to-be plan to breastfeed for at least some period of time. This makes a breast pump one of the most important purchases a mom makes before her baby arrives. Health insurance plans are now required to either provide a new breast pump for expecting moms, or offer a stipend towards the breast pump of their choice. One of the most popular choices in breast pumps is Medela. 


Medela has been supporting moms and babies for over 50 years, with their primary focus being to help all moms during their breastfeeding journey. Medela believes that breastmilk is the optimal nutrition for babies. Because of this, they continue to perfect their breast pumps and accessory products to give mothers the easiest and most comfortable pumping experience possible. Their pumps are designed to mimic a real breastfeeding baby as much as possible.

Medela offers several breast pump options, in both electric and manual. (Plus, Medela bottles work great with the Baby’s Brew Pro which we’ll get into shortly!)

Electric Pumps

Pump In Style Advanced

The award-winning Pump In Style is double electric which allows the pumping of both Pump In Style Advancedbreasts at once. It is designed for moms who need to pump several times per day. It includes a “maximum comfort vacuum” option with 2 phase technology and promises to produce more milk in less time. 

Sonata Smart Breast Pump

 Sonata Smart Breast PumpLike the PIS, the Sonata is a double electric pump. Because of this, moms who pump several times a day will appreciate this ease of use. Some key characteristics include:

  • the most quiet personal-use pump offered by Medela
  • closed system so no milk can enter the tubing or motor
  • Includes PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields proven to remove 11.8% more milk faster.

Freestyle Breast Pump

Freestyle Breast PumpThe Freestyle is Medela’s third type of double electric pump – made for moms who pump daily and frequently. Since it’s portable and lightweight, this is the best choice for moms on the go needing a mobile pumping experience.

Swing Breast Pump

Swing Breast PumpThe Swing is a single electric breast pump. Moms who pump less often or need a back-up option for the times they aren’t breastfeeding will like the ease of use of the Swing. It’s compact and lightweight…easily fitting into a purse or tote!s

Manual Pumps

Medela offers one manual hand pump choice called the Harmony. Though electric pumps are a more logical choice for moms who pump more often, some moms who don’t pump as much find manual pumps to work well. They’re also a great back up option to an electric pump in case something happens to it, or you just need a quick pump option on-the-go. 

The Harmony is much less expensive compared to electric pumps. But, it still includes the “2-phase expression technology” found in Medela’s high performing electric pumps.

Feeding Your Baby After Pumping From a Medela Breast Pump

Each of Medela’s breast pumps come with perfectly fitted bottles that the milk pumps straight into. The milk can either be stored in these bottles or poured into breast milk storage bags for refrigerating or freezing.

Some moms choose to use bottles made by other companies, but feeding from a Medela bottle makes for an easy solution. Medela’s bottles are easily fitted with perfectly fitting wide base nipples. This makes for an easy transition from pumping to feeding. The nipples offer a natural feel and shape, are BPA free, and come in both slow and medium flow.

Though exclusively breastfeeding moms will often go from pumping into a bottle straight to feeding their baby, many moms who pump are away from their babies when they are pumping. This requires them to refrigerate their milk after pumping. So, what is a mom to do when it’s time to feed her baby, but the milk is cold? Very few babies will drink cold milk! Proper heating is important with breastmilk in order to not lose any of its precious nutrients. A bowl of hot water is one option, but it’s also slow and not feasible when out and about. This is where the Baby’s Brew comes in.

Warming Medela Bottles with the Baby’s Brew

Warming a baby’s milk while on the go can be an annoying and messy endeavor. Though there are several good bottle warmers on the market, most of them are electric and are best used at home. The Baby’s Brew offers a portable warming option that’s as easy to use as TWIST, PRESS, SHAKE. As the first and only battery-powered bottle warmer (recently updated for even better warming performance), you’ll never have to find yourself without perfectly warmed milk for your little one. 

Breastfeeding moms will be happy to know that the Baby’s Brew utilizes a slow heating mechanism. This is important because with slow heating the nutrition of the breastmilk won’t be compromised. 2 of its 4 heat settings are perfect for breastmilk.

Medela baby bottles can easily be used with the Baby’s Brew with the added Medela adapter. It simply screws into the Baby’s Brew Warmer Pro making it a perfect fit for your baby’s Medela bottles to be warmed to their preferred temperature. You can either choose the warmer only or get a set with the additional formula dispenser.

Medela offers quality breast pumps that are invaluable to breastfeeding moms. Using Medela bottles with your baby makes for one less thing you have to worry about as a mom. And the Baby’s Brew ensures a happy, comfortable feeding experience for you and your baby so you can focus on living life with your little one.



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