Feeding Your Baby with Dr. Brown’s and The Baby’s Brew

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We know that as moms and dads you naturally want to give your baby the very best. Finding trusted products that work for your little one isn’t always an easy task, but is worth every minute of effort in order to keep your baby happy and healthy. Finding a bottle that your baby will easily take that keeps their tummy comfortable isn’t as always easy as you’d think it would be. When it comes to feeding time, babies definitely have their preferences. Between Dr. Brown’s award-winning colic-reducing bottles and The Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer Pro, feeding time will become an enjoyable time for everyone. 


Feeding Your Baby with Dr. Brown’s Bottles

There is a lot to love about Dr. Brown’s. It’s no wonder I’ve had so many mom friends recommend this doctor-designed baby bottle when looking at all it has to offer your newest addition. It’s even one of the most popular choices among hospitals, NICUs, and doctor offices. That’s certainly a seal of approval in my book. 

These are some of the most notable characteristics of Dr. Brown’s baby bottles:

  • Proven to reduce colic through a patented internal vent system 
  • Reduces spit-up, burping, and gas
  • Helps preserve vitamins C, A, and E in both breastmilk and formula – something that most other bottles can’t do (according to this study)
  • A vacuum-free feeding experience is similar to breastfeeding
  • Controlled flow allows babies to feed at their own pace
  • BPA-free and contain no PVC, lead, or phthalates

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Variations

As an innovative company, Dr. Brown’s is always conducting research and finding out from moms what their babies need. This leads to the best baby bottles available for your little one. But Dr. Brown’s also knows that not all babies are the same. There are various bottles to choose from to get the right feeding experience for your baby. 

Natural Flow Original Bottles


Dr.Brown Bottle

Dr. Brown’s touts this one as “simply the best baby bottle.” These bottles have been tried and tested by countless happy moms and babies. The fully-vented bottle mimics breastfeeding making it an excellent choice for babies who go between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. 

Options+ Bottles



Narrow Neck


Options+ Bottles are clinically proven to reduce colic and come in both standard and wide-neck sizes. What parents will enjoy about these bottles is that the included vent system, that your baby needs as a younger infant, can be removed as they grow and their digestive system develops.

The Options+ baby bottles offer a soft, silicone nipple to help your baby naturally latch on. The anti-colic venting system keeps your baby comfortable by reducing gas and stomach upset. Not only will this allow feedings to go smoothly during the day, but you can also look forward to a good night of sleep for your little one. 


You'll find most of the same great features on the wide-neck anti-colic bottles as the narrow neck. What's different, however, is that the wide-neck bottle option offers a breast-like shape so breastfeeding mothers can help ease their baby into bottle-feeding, but also continue a smooth transition back to the breast.

Both the narrow neck and wide-neck options+ bottles can also be purchased in borosilicate glass that's heat and thermal and shock-resistant.

More to Love With Dr. Brown’s

Nipple confusion is a real phenomenon, but Dr. Brown’s has worked hard to create bottles to eliminate it as much as possible. 

Parents will also love that Dr. Brown’s bottles can easily transition to sippy cups as your baby becomes ready for this stage. Your baby will enjoy using the bottle they know and love, and you’ll enjoy not having to decide on a new product to purchase. 

Dr. Brown’s bottles are a great choice for many babies. And as we all know, what you put in the bottle matters even more. Once you have the perfect breastmilk or formula, a bottle that works great for your baby, you’ll need a way to keep your baby’s milk warmed to perfection.

Warming Dr. Brown’s Bottles with the Baby’s Brew

Dr. Brown’s offers a bottle warmer that works great with their bottles. The problem is that their bottle warmer is a large electric system that is not conducive to taking away from the house.

Your best option is the only battery-powered bottle warmer: The Baby’s Brew. With various adapters available, this bottle warmer now fits all popular bottle brands, including all of Dr. Brown bottles. Since it’s so easy to use and can be taken anywhere, it’s really the only bottle warmer you’ll ever need!

It's even been updated recently with a new and improved design - the Portable Bottle Warmer Pro.

Breastfeeding moms will especially love the slow heating mechanism of The Baby’s Brew that preserves the valuable nutrients in breastmilk. Formula feeding parents will enjoy the option of an attached formula dispenser. Gone are the days of messy, frustrating feeding situations while you’re out trying to live your life. The Baby’s Brew is an all-in-one system that allows you to feed your baby with perfectly heated milk no matter where you are. 

To use Baby’s Brew with Dr. Brown’s standard neck bottles, simply fit the adapter designed specifically for the standard-fit Dr. Brown bottles. Baby's Brew now fits Dr. Brown wide-neck bottles, too! Be sure you have the adapter specific for the wide-neck bottles so you can use your Baby's Brew right away! Twist, press, and shake and your bottle will be ready for a perfect feeding experience for your little one within 5-10 minutes.

You can order Portable Bottle Warmer Pro here.
For the set that includes the formula dispenser, click here.
Here you can find the Dr. Brown's adapter to get the perfect bottle warmer fit!



Dr Brown Bottles FAQ

Q: Are Dr Brown Bottles Dishwasher Safe? 

A: Yes Dr.Brown's bottles are dishwasher safe, you can run the dishwasher on any sanitize function.You can use the top rack or the silverware basket. The sanitize function uses a higher heat setting and longer cleaning time. Actually the CDC recommends this way to clean bottles properly in the dishwasher.

Q: How to use Dr Brown with bottle warmer?

A: You will attach whichever adapter you need to the bottle, either narrow neck or wide depending on which bottles you’re using. Then you will screw the warmer onto the bottle securely and flip the bottle over. If you’re warming breast milk we recommend the 98 setting. We have 4 settings to choose from: 80,98,103 and 110. Lastly the warmer will beep once it reaches the correct temperature.

Q: How do Dr Brown bottles work?

A: Dr.Brown’s bottles are clinically proven to minimize colic and are completely vented.  They are also designed to reduce gas. The internal venting decreases ingestion of air bubbles while feeding. This helps the baby have a smoother feeding experience. 


Q: How to use Dr Brown bottles?

A: Remove the lid and make sure you are not filling over the line. Place the nipple into the nipple collar until you hear a click. Warm bottle to desired temperature and snap the bottle onto the insert. Place nipple and collar back on and tighten. 


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