Pumping, Warming, and Feeding with Haakaa and the Baby's Brew

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New moms spend a lot of time feeding their babies during the first year of life. The combination of having small tummies and growing more rapidly than they ever will again means hours of your day will be spent getting your baby the nutrition they need to grown and thrive. As a breastfeeding mom, that means you either have a baby or a pump (or both) attached to your boob for a good portion of your day. So anything that can make the experience easier and faster you'll take, right?

Today we're letting you in on how the Haakaa silicone breast pump and bottles, along with the Baby's Brew, can be a game-changer for your breastfeeding adventure.


Breastfeeding Your Baby With Help From Haakaa

Chances are you've already done plenty of research on double-electric breast pumps. Those big daddies definitely have their place in breastfeeding and are lifesavers for exclusively pumping or working moms. The Haakaa, however, is a completely different kind of pump.

We already talked about how hard you work as a mom to get your baby the breast milk they need. And wasting one single ounce of that liquid gold is enough to send your hormonal self into tears. Many moms swear by Haakaa for ensuring every drop of the good stuff is saved.

Let's find out why this basic-looking silicone pump is such a genius invention for breastfeeding moms.

So what exactly can you expect from the Haakaa breast pump and how is it different from every other breast pump available?

  1. It requires no batteries or electricity of any kind.
  2. But it's not manual either.
  3. It's hands-free and utilizes powerful suction to pull milk out of your breast.

The Haakaa breast pump is made entirely from silicone and suctions to the breast when used. It's not cumbersome and loud like an electric breast pump, but it's also not extra work on your part such as when you use a manual breast pump where you have to use a hand to pump.

How does this one-piece breast pump work?

In order for milk collection to occur, the mother must first experience the letdown phase. The best way to make this happen is by feeding your baby on one breast while the Haakaa is attached to the other breast. That's it! As your baby feeds from one breast, there is absolutely zero wasted milk from the other breast.

This is a great way to build up a freezer supply of milk for the times when your baby needs to be fed and you can't be with them.

Here are some other characteristics to note about the Haakaa breast pump:

  • compact and quiet so you can easily take it and use it anywhere
  • only 1 part to clean and no assembly necessary
  • made from 100% food-grade silicone free of BPA, PVC and phthalates
  • accommodates all different breast sizes
  • 5.4-ounce capacity

They also recently released a pump with a detachable bottle to make the process even easier.

The breast pump/bottle combo that's available is just another reason to love Haakaa.

Unlike the Haakaa pump on its own, with the combo, moms can express milk straight into a Haakaa bottle. This makes for easy and fuss-free feeding when your baby gets hungry.

Just like the pump, the bottles are made from soft silicone. This is a great solution to cut down time on bottle preparation. Simply pump into the bottle and store in the fridge until baby tells you it's time to eat!

Additionally, many parents love the wide neck glass baby bottles from Haakaa for their durability and sustainability and these are compatible with the silicone breast pump, as well. The unique nipple mimics the feel and shape of a real breast and they come in both 6-ounce and 8.5-ounce sizes.

One of the best parts about using a Haakaa pump is that you'll build up a nice-sized stash of breast milk. This means it will all be ready to go for future feedings. Something to consider, however, is that babies rarely enjoy drinking cold milk so the bottle will need to be warmed up. The perfect solution is the Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer - now compatible with all Haakaa bottles!

Warming Haakaa Baby Bottles with the Baby's Brew

If you're not yet familiar with the amazing bottle-warming device that is the Baby's Brew, it's time you get to know all about it! It's now compatible with all Haakaa bottles when combined with the correct adapter found here.

There are many bottle warmers available today, but none as innovative and convenient as the Baby's Brew. That's because it's completely portable - meaning you can take it anywhere to warm your baby's bottle. Though it's not the first ever portable bottle warmer it's the only one that uses battery power.

Why does that matter?

We've tried other bottle warmers with various mechanisms to warm a baby's bottle on the go and they are rarely reliable. Additionally, the Baby's Brew allows users to choose the exact right temperature of milk to make their baby happy while also ensuring that breastmilk nutrients are preserved. And with the various adapters available, it is now compatible with almost every type of bottle - including Haakaa!

Here's what you can expect from the Baby's Brew:

  • Safe Heating - Utilizes slow-heat technology that warms your baby's bottle within 5-10 minutes with not hot spots with breast milk nutrient preservation at the two lowest settings.
  • 4 temperature settings with the update Pro model – As we all know, babies have their preferences. Therefore, the Baby’s Brew was designed with four temperature settings depending on your baby’s needs. 
  • Stays charged for up to 12 hours – Have a long day of travel or need your warmer ready to roll overnight? With its extended battery life you'll be able to warm your baby's bottle as soon as they are hungry.
  • Built-in formula dispenser option – If you exclusively breastfeed and pump, then the warmer only is for you. However, if you do supplement with formula or plan to formula-feed in the future, we recommend the detachable formula dispenser option for mess-free bottle prep.

Just as Haakaa has changed the way we think about pumping breast milk for our babies, Baby's Brew has done the same when it comes to warming up that breast milk. Using products that make your life easier as a breastfeeding mom is exactly what you need to get through your baby's first year.

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