Our Top 10 Favorite Gifts for Her First Mother's Day

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New moms adore celebrating first milestones with their babies. For the first time, her life is truly centered around someone else besides herself. So we think it's extra important that she gets celebrated in a big way for her own big milestone: her first Mother's Day. You know what she loves, but it can be hard to pinpoint the right gift that you know will be extra special. We recommend choosing a gift that can simplify her life, help her relax or honor her new role as a mom.

We've rounded up 10 of our favorite gifts that focus on each of these three categories (some pulling double-duty) and we're sure you'll find something she'll love.

Top Gifts for Her First Mother's Day

The Baby's Brew

Today's mamas are busy. With so much to see and do, life is often go-go-go. New moms will take any gadget they can get that will help them make life easier - especially for those days when they're out and about with their little one. The Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer is finally making warming milk on the go a simple thing to do. With the Baby's Brew, moms can safely warm both breastmilk and formula in 5-10 minutes with no hot spots. It's a reliable way to get their baby's milk to the perfect temperature (choose from 4) every single time. It works so well that it can even replace cumbersome at-home bottle warmers.


This is another product that any new mom will appreciate while out and about (but that works just as well at home, too). Unlike other baby carriers, it's incredible simple to use and thrown on when you need it or just wear throughout the day. Moms carry their babies on their hips A LOT. Though they love holding their little ones and usually can't get enough of it, it can put a lot of stress on their backs and shoulders. The TushBaby allows parents to hold their babies on their hips without having to bear the weight. That means a lot more holding of their baby without needing to put them down - and that's a beautiful thing!

Dreamland Baby Weighted Sack

Babies are notorious for keeping their moms up all night. Any gift you can give a new mom to help her baby sleep better she will happily accept! This weighted sack from Dreamland Baby is different from any other wearable blanket on the market in that it has beaded weighting quilting all over the front of it. The gentle weight increases serotonin and melatonin production which helps babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. What new mom wouldn't want more sleep for everyone?!

Everly Gray During/After Maternity Sleep Set

Is the new mama you're shopping for still waiting on the arrival of her bundle of joy? If so, we love this Sleep Set from Everly Gray. Those last days of pregnancy can get uncomfortable, so we know she'll love a comfortable pair of pajamas that will help her sleep. It will transition perfectly into hospital wear with the matching robe - and it's all nursing friendly. We think the best part is the matching gown and cap for her little babe when he or she arrives. Seriously so sweet.

Lovevery The Play Kits (Subscription)

It's amazing how fast babies grow and develop. The amount of learning that happens in the first year is incredible and the new mom will want to make sure she's offering her baby all the opportunities at each stage. These montessori-based learning kits from Lovevery will take care of the entire first year. She'll get a new kit every 2 months to use to play alongside her new baby to keep them engaged with play-based learning using toys made of high-quality materials.


New moms take a gazillion pictures. And most of them love to share their greatest joy with the world through social media - especially through Instagram. She can't get enough of that sweet baby face and all of her friends and family want to see, too. But having a hard copy of all of those captured precious moments sure would be nice for her to have, right? That's where Chatbooks comes in. Chatbooks is the perfect way for her to utilize the Instagram photos she has to easily turn them into a darling book she will have forever.

5 Mommy's First Milestones Wine Labels

Is the new mom you're shopping for in need of a little "wine" downtime? Whether it's a stressful milestone she's going through for the first time (because momming is hard, y'all), a much-needed date night in with her significant other, or celebrating the first time her baby FINALLY sleeps through the night, she will appreciate having the perfect bottle of wine to match the occasion. These are just the labels, but that gives you the opportunity to pick out her very favorite bottles of wine to pair them with.

Skinny MINI Bar Necklace

Gifting her a piece of jewelry with her new baby's name on it is the perfect way to get the new mom crying tears of joy. We love this Skinny Mini Bar Necklace in particular because of its daintiness. It can sometimes be difficult picking out the right piece of jewelry but because this one is more subdued, we think any mom will love it! She can easily pair it with other necklaces, including adding on another one for any future siblings.

Ember Temperature-Controlled Copper Mug

Gone are the days of finishing a cup of coffee while it's still warm. Baby first, coffee second...and that's just the way it's going to be. But the Ember Controlled Ceramic Mug can change that! If the new mom you're shopping for loves her morning brew, we highly suggest this gift so she can keep that coffee staying hot all morning long and keeping the caffeine in her system that she probably really needs with the lack of sleep that comes with a new baby.

Olive and June At-Home Manicure Set

The truth is that it can be hard for a new mom to find time to get out of the house to pamper themselves. They may be craving a spa appointment, but also don't want to leave their baby for too long. This Olive and June At-Home Manicure Set is a beautiful gift to give that we know she'll love to receive. It's the perfect excuse to make sure she gives herself the me-time she deserves.

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