Planning a Trip to King’s Island With a Baby

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In less than 2 years, King’s Island Theme Park in Kings Island, Ohio will turn 50 years old. Whether you are planning a trip to the Cincinnati area and are looking for an incredibly fun addition to your vacation, or already live there, it’s definitely an item you need to check off your family bucket list. We know many families visiting King’s Island have babies they’ll be bringing to join in on the fun. For those of you planning a trip to King’s Island with a baby, we have the information you need to make it as low-stress as possible.

Keeping the fun alive at an amusement park even when you have to care for a baby all comes back to how well you plan ahead. Which is why we’ve created a packing list for you, determined which gear will help you navigate the park best, and included our top tips.

How to Pack For Your Day at King’s Island

If it seems like you’re probably going to have to pack up a lot of stuff to ensure your baby stay’s comfortable and content throughout the day, we’d have to say you’re right. Which is why we made this convenient list for you so you forget a single thing!

Here are the essentials you’ll want to bring along with your baby to King’s Island:

Baby Sunscreen: With a full day in the sun, you’ll want to be sure to put sunscreen on any of your baby’s exposed skin. Even if your baby is under 6 months, the AAP does say that it’s ok to use a small amount as needed.

Sunhat and baby sunglasses: Sometimes these can be a pain because babies want to take them off, but it’s a good idea for your baby to wear them. You may consider having your baby get used to them before your trip.

Extra diapers and wipes: We know you wouldn’t forget these, but be sure to bring more than you think you’ll need.

An Extra Outfit: A blow-out or giant spit-up is bound to happen, so it’s always smart to have an extra set of clothes.

Sleep Essentials: Your baby will have a tough time getting through the day without losing it unless you find a way for him to take a little snooze or two. Having your baby’s favorite sleeping comforts will come in handy to help them wind down and relax. The favorite blanket, lovey, or pacifier are all good things to bring.

Feeding Time Essentials: We recommend having all of your baby’s bottles prepped ahead of time, which means less work for you while you’re enjoying the day. These can be kept inside of a small cooler. Read on to find out about the Baby’s Brew portable bottle warmer we recommend which will make warming bottles a snap. And if your baby is onto solids, pouches are a lot less messy than feeding your little one with a spoon.

So, yes, there are a lot of little things you need to bring. But we know babies do best when they have everything they need. 

Baby Gear to Simplify Your Day at King's Island

Along with all the little things you’ll need to have handy, there are some other pieces of gear you’ll want to have to take your day at King’s Island with your baby from good to great.

1.) The Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer

On the go days in the past often meant having to get creative when it comes to warming your baby’s bottle. Usually, this is accompanied by a screaming baby who wanted their bottle 10 minutes ago. This can be even more difficult when you’re walking around a theme park all day.

The Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer is the perfect solution. This battery-powered bottle warmer keeps its charge for up to 12 hours and has four different temperature settings to perfectly warm your child’s breastmilk or formula. Because you can warm bottle after bottle, you can have your baby’s bottle warmed and ready to go long before that first hunger sign.

2.) Stroller (with Canopy and Storage)

A stroller is an absolute must. And though it may be tempting to bring a small umbrella-style stroller, with a young baby you’re going to want something a little more substantial than that. Choose something that’s easy to maneuver that has a canopy to provide shade and a place underneath to store all the stuff you’re going to need to bring.

3.) Baby Carrier

Though you could get by with just a stroller, having a baby carrier with you is a good idea, too. Some babies will sleep much better on you in a baby carrier and this will help them get the sleep they need while you get a bit of a break. Additionally, there are some places in King’s Island that will be more easily managed with your baby in a carrier.

4.) Backpack

Skip your typical diaper bag and go for a backpack instead to carry all of those essentials from your King’s Island packing list. This will be much easier and comfortable to carry. Be sure to bring along a small cooler to store your baby’s breastmilk and formula (these are allowed to be brought into the park.)

5.) Weather Gear

Be sure to keep a careful eye on the forecast before you go. You definitely don’t want to be caught in the rain without the proper rain gear for your baby. We recommend a weather shield to cover your baby’s stroller, though a poncho can also work in a pinch.

Tips for Bringing a Baby to King’s Island

Our first tip is to not worry about bringing payment for your little one because children under age 3 get in free. Which makes sense, because most of what is offered at King’s Island isn’t accessible for kiddos that young. But I do think you’ll be surprised at the awe and wonder that your baby will experience just by being there.

Josué Goge / CC BY (

Here are some tips to make it a wonderful day of fun with your baby!

1.) Make time for Planet Snoopy

This is King’s Island’s specially designed area for the younger members of the family. Be sure Planet Snoopy is on your itinerary, which is filled with a collection of PEANUTS-themed rides and attractions.

With that said, even here almost every ride specifically states “hand-held infants not permitted.” A couple exceptions to this include the Character Carousel and K.and I. Miami Valley Railroad. If you have an older baby around the age of one who is able to sit completely on their own next to you, there are a small handful of rides that would likely be suitable.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t experience the fun, too. We recommend making time for the following:

  • Meet-and-Greets with the PEANUTS characters (providing the perfect photo op!)
  • Snoopy’s Barnyard Friends, which is a petting zoo with over 50 different animals including ducks, rabbits, sheep, goats, alpacas, miniature horses, and more.

2.) Utilize Kid Swap

People may try to talk you out of bringing your baby to King’s Island since it can add an element of stress to what’s supposed to be a fun day, but when it’s a family fun day you want to be with your whole family, right? And that includes the baby. Luckily you don’t have to sacrifice going on the most thrilling rides just because you have your baby with you. This is because the theme park offers what’s called “Kid Swap.”

The process is explained in full here, but essentially while one adult in the group goes on the ride with any other kids big enough to ride, the other stays with the baby and other children who are too small. When the first group is done, the next parent takes the “Kid Swap” pass to ride the ride without having to wait a second round in line. It’s nice to know you won’t have to miss out on the fun!

3.) Use the Amenities at the Family Care Center

You’ve likely planned a jam-packed day of fun at King’s Island. But this can be a lot for a baby to handle. The Family Care Center, located on International Street near the Eiffel Tower, is the perfect pit-stop to give your infant (and yourself) a much needed break. Some of the amenities you’ll find include:

  • two large family restrooms
  • several changing areas
  • a nursing suite with comfortable seating
  • storage cubbies (perfect for pumping mamas)
  • full kitchen for guest use

This is a great time get your baby out of the sun to nurse them or give them their warmed bottle you already prepared for them with the Baby’s Brew portable bottle warmer.


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