Choosing the Best Baby Bottle Warmers for Breast Milk Choosing the Best Baby Bottle Warmers for Breast Milk– The Baby's Brew

Choosing the Best Baby Bottle Warmers for Breast Milk

When I was pregnant, I remember seeing my friends warm up milk for their babies and thinking to myself, "Is that really necessary?" In my mind, I figured if a baby was hungry, he'd eat. Right? Wrong. Isn't it funny how quickly the way you view parenting changes when you actually become one? The truth is that babies exert their preferences from birth - one of those being that most of them want their milk warm. Breastfed babies especially, who are transitioning to a bottle, already have an expectation for the temperature of their milk. A perfect 98.6 degrees. So that means you need to figure out the best bottle warmer to use for breast milk.

You might think that bottle warmers are all created equal in terms of whether they are appropriate for formula or breast milk, but you have to be extra careful about preserving the nutrients of breast milk. That often means a bottle warmer that takes a little longer since ones that heat up very quickly don't preserve them as well. You also want a warmer that gets milk as close to body temperature as possible so you can feel confident that your baby will drink it.  Which actually feels lukewarm - not hot!

Here we have the best bottle warmers for breast milk so you can prepare the perfect bottle for your baby every time!

1. Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer

The number one reason this bottle warmer tops our list is because it's portable. In fact, it's the only portable bottle warmer that made the list because it's really the only bottle warmer you need whether you're on the go or not. The other bottle warmers on our list are great choices for home, but the only way they'll work is by being plugged in. So having one of those as well as the Baby's Brew will certainly work, but if you just want one very trustworthy bottle warmer that will get your baby's milk to the perfect temperature whether you're at home, on an airplane, on the road, at a restaurant (AKA anywhere!) then this is the breast milk warmer for you. It’s compatible with almost all baby bottles (some will require an additional adapter.)

What makes this warmer great for breast milk? The Baby's Brew is the perfect solution for warming breast milk. It was designed with a slow heat technique to avoid hot spots and any accidental overheating that can destroy vital breast milk nutrients. Even with "slow heating" it only takes 5 - 10 minutes to warm up. Once warmed, you can feed your little anytime within the hour. Another great reason breastfeeding moms will love this warmer is that it has 4 temperature settings including the perfect 98.6 body temp for breastfed babies!

2. Kiinde Kozii Bottle and Breast Milk Warmer

Kiinde Kozii Bottle and Breast Milk Warmer

The Kiinde Kozii warmer is an excellent electric warmer to use at home. Not only is it safe to use with all types of bottles, breast milk bags, and even food pouches, but it also has additional features to make warming easy. Reviewers love the timer feature for effortless bottle warming as well as the automatic shut off.

What makes this warmer great for breast milk? The Kiinde Kozii warmer was specifically designed with breast milk in mind. It follows all CDC and USDA guidelines for safely thawing and warming breastmilk. Because it uses a low temperature, nutrient-safe water bath it's safe for all bottles and even breastmilk bags, too! Steam heating can sometimes lead to overheating which is why this bottle warmer uses steam-free safeheat technology.

3. Tommee Tippee 3 in 1 Bottle and Pouch Warmer

Tommee Tippee 3 in 1 Bottle and Pouch Warmer

This Tommee Tippee electric bottle warmer appears to be the quickest way to warm on our list. According to their site, it warms baby milk bottles and pouches in as little as 4 minutes (when heating a 5 oz. serving from room temperature.) This is a great way to get a meal for your baby ready quickly without sacrificing safety or nutrition. It also fits most bottle brands as well as breast milk bags and food pouches.

What makes this warmer great for breast milk? Though fast, the BPA-free Tommee Tippee warmer still guarantees that it uses a gentle warming process to preserve essential nutrients found in breastmilk. Even if the breast milk is frozen, this bottle warmer is a safe and simple way to get it to your baby's desired temperature.

4. Dr. Brown's MilkSPA Breast Milk and Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown's MilkSPA Breast Milk and Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown's MilkSPA is an electrical system with a timer and automatic shut-off system. This means you can set it and forget it in order to accomplish other tasks while you wait for your baby's milk to be perfectly warmed. Whether the milk is frozen, refrigerated, or room temperature, it can be brought to body temperature with the push of a button. 

What makes this warmer great for breast milk? Babies who breastfeed typically prefer body temperature breastmilk because that's what they are used to. Additionally, you don't want to get in the habit of feeding your baby milk warmer than that if you plan to continue to transition between breast and bottle. Dr. Brown's MilkSPA does a great job of getting milk to the perfect body temperature of approximately 98.6 degrees. However, if you exclusively pump and bottle feed your baby, there are other temperature options, too! This warmer follows CDC and USDA guidelines to preserve nutrients in breastmilk.

5. Nanobebe Smart Baby Bottle Warming Bowl

Nanobebe Smart Baby Bottle Warming Bowl

We recently wrote about the ingenious design of the Nanobebe bottles. Breastfeeding moms who transition their baby between breast and bottle will love the cylindrical design of the bottle that mimics an actual breast. Well, this company also makes a smart warming bowl for these special bottles to warm them much more quickly than a regular bowl of water (it can also work with other baby bottles, too, as well as breast milk bags.)

What makes this warmer great for breast milk? It works similarly to putting a bottle or breast milk bag in a bowl in that no electricity is required. But because of the curved bottom design, it warms more quickly than just putting the bottle into a bowl of warm water. Additionally, it adheres to medical guidelines in terms of heating breastmilk the proper way to preserve nutrients. Though simple, it's also no fuss, which can be a huge bonus!

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