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Under the Affordable Care Act, breast pumps are covered under most mother-to-be's insurance plans. But that doesn't always mean that the equipment offered would be the mother's first choice. Motif Medical is changing that by giving moms another option with the recent addition of a line of high-quality and well-designed breast pumps. The idea that moms are busy is at the forefront, and they know that better technology in a breast pump equates to a better experience for both mom and baby. When teamed up with the Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer, moms are able to give their babies the perfect food in every bottle.

Improved Breast Pumping with Motif

Motif was started by a team that includes medical professionals, engineers and working mothers. Their goal was to create a better breast pump while also providing coverage through insurance.

They offer 3 different breast pumps - all double electric equipped with a closed system to prevent any backflow of milk. Each of the pumps comes with collection bottles and nipples so mothers don't have to purchase separate bottles.

The Motif bottles are now compatible with our favorite bottle warmer, the Baby's Brew.

Motif Breast Pumps (Covered by Insurance)

The Luna

The Motif Luna is a powerful double electric breast pump. The goal with Luna is for modern mothers to have a comfortable pumping experience that provides efficient output of the maximum amount of milk. Luna knows that today's breastpumping mothers are busy, but also place a high priority on feeding their babies nutritious breastmilk.

Luna's features include:

  • closed system keeps the motor and tubing free of bacteria
  • built in LED night light with easy to read screen
  • quiet 45-decibel motor sound is quiet enough to use while your baby is sleeping
  • choose from expression mode or massage mode
  • automatic shut-off after 30 minutes
  • simple setup and easy customization with different vacuum level and cycle options
  • compact and lightweight makes for easy mobility

According to research conducted by Motif, "5 out of 6 moms got more milk in less time with the Luna." Not only that, but the moms in the study found the pumping experience to be comfortable and they go on to say that 9 out of 10 preferred the Luna over their current pump.

The Duo

The Motif Duo is another double electric breast pump best for any mother who needs ultimate portability. Coming in at less than a pound, you can take it virtually anywhere. Also great for moms on the go is the rechargeable battery that keeps its charge for over 2.5 hours.

Duo's features include:

  • utilizes massage, expression or "memory" mode
  • 10 customizable expression levels
  • can be used for both single and double pumping
  • closed system keeps the motor and tubing free of bacteria
  • virtually silent
  • automatic shut-off after 30 minutes

The Twist

Motif's third double electric breast pump is the Twist. It's another ideal option for moms needing portable convenience - it's simple to go between battery power or plugging in with a power cord. It offers a customizable experience whether pumping at home, work or elsewhere.

Twist's features include:

  • simple twist design to select between different suction and massage settings
  • closed system keeps the motor and tubing free of bacteria
  • weighs less than a pound for easy portability

Motif is proud to offer mothers a better-designed pump with increased output that's included in their insurance benefit. Giving babies the very best while supporting busy moms is their mission. Baby's Brew is another company that looks to help simplify the lives of on-the-go families through a portable bottle warmer. Here's more about the Baby's Brew and how you can use it in conjunction with Motif pumps and bottles.

Warming Motif Baby Bottles with the Baby's Brew

Being a mama is the best job in the world, but it also means adjusting to a new normal. Balancing work, caring for a little one and also making time for all of the activities you enjoy doing is certainly a juggling act. Having innovative products is a game changer for busy moms. That's why having a pump like Motif is so helpful, and why utilizing a portable bottle warmer (that ACTUALLY works) makes outings with your little one a lot less stressful.

The Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer is different than other bottle warmers in that you can take it anywhere. It's the only battery-powered bottle warmer making it a simple to use and reliable option for any time spent out of the house. With the Motif adapter, heating milk pumped into Motif bottles is a cinch.

You shouldn't have to put your life on hold just because you have a baby who wants warm milk (so pretty much every baby) and the Baby's Brew is helping families ditch the cord and get outside.

Here's what you can expect from the Baby's Brew:

  • Safe Heating - You can count on the Baby's Brew to bring you the safest in milk warming. Because it uses slow heat technology there won't be any hot spots and also ensure the preservation of breast milk nutrients.
  • 4 temperature settings with the updated Pro model – The Baby’s Brew was designed with four temperature settings in order to fit every baby's needs. One for keeping warm, one perfect for breast milk and two higher ones for formula-fed babies who like extra warm milk.
  • Stays charged for up to 12 hours – Extended battery life means you'll be able to warm your baby's bottle as soon as they are hungry. This is key for car and plane travel as well as long day trips.
  • Built-in formula dispenser option – If you exclusively breastfeed and pump, then the warmer only is for you. However, if your baby does or will take formula this is a great to have for mess-free formula feeding.

Who can ignore innovations that make mom-life simpler? We know you'll love using Motif and the Baby's Brew together to give your baby the perfect bottle of breast milk every time.

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